Project - Aristeia Ι / 643

Morphology in language-contact situations:

Greek dialects in contact with Turkish and Italian

  • Greek
  • English (UK)

The scope of the project is to examine how morphology can be affected in language-contact situations. The investigated data will be drawn from Grekanico (Griko and Bovese), Heptanesian, and three Asia Minor dialects, Pontic, Cappadocian and Aivaliot. The project aims at inaugurating a scientific field that remains unexplored in Greek linguistics.

The project focuses on 6 salient questions that are of major importance in linguistic theory: (a) the base of word formation and (b) the relation between form and meaning in contact-induced systems, (c) the relation between borrowing and lexical information, (d) possible differences in borrowability between the members of major grammatical categories, (e) borrowability of functional elements, and (f) borrowability of inflectional and derivational morphemes.